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[Sarah D. Stone was born 2 May 1813, the daughter of Edward Stone of Spencer
County. She married Elijah Tucker, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Tucker of
Spencer County, on 24 December 1830. She died July 6, 1858.]
In the name of God Amen.
I Sarah D. Tucker of Jefferson County and State of Kentucky, being sick and
weak in body, but of sound mind and disposing memory do make this my last will
and testament as follows, viz:
First: that after the payment of all my just debts and funeral expenses--
Second: that my boy Sam that I got from my mother's estate, either be hired
out to good persons until my youngest son Isaac Thomas comes of age, or else
sold in my family of children, either of which is left to the judgement of and
discretion of my executor hereinafter to be mentioned. The proceeds of the
hire or sale of the boy Sam (or so much thereof as will be necessary to make
them equal to Mary Elizabeth Shrote, who I gave fifty seven dollars when she
was going to keep house ~ namely: Edward Tucker fifty seven dollars, Nancy
Jane Tucker fifty seven. Robert Tucker fifty seven dollars, and Isaac Thomas
Tucker fifty seven dollars.
Thirdly: All the money that I now have loaned out on interest be kept loaned
out on interest until my youngest child Isaac Thomas is twenty one years old,
and the interest be equally divided between Nancy Jane, Robert, and Isaac
Thomas until they arrive at the age of twenty one years except Nancy Jane: I
wish her to have her part of the interest of the above sum until she is twenty
two years old unless she marries then it will stop ~
Fourthly: I wish my son Robert to have the black yearling colt that I have
given him ~
5'ly: I wish my daughter Nancy Jane to have a horse worth one hundred dollars
or one hundred dollars in money as she may think best ~
Sixthly: I wish my son Isaac Thomas to have on hundred dollars instead of a
Seventhly: I wish my son Edward, my daughter Nancy Jane and son Robert each
to have the new feather bed and bedding that I have made for them -- and my
son Isaac Thomas to have an amount in money suficient to make him equal with
the three that get bed and bedding.
Eightly: I wish Nancy Jane to have the saddle that she now has and Robert and
Isaac Thomas each have a saddle and bridle worth twenty-two dollars ~
And lastly that my brother in law Hazel Tucker and my son Edward Tucker be the
exeutors of this my will.
In Witness hereunto I have set my hand and seal this January __, 1858.
Signed, Sealed and } Sarah D. Tuckerdelivered in presence of }Stephen __ Reid }
Ah's Vanarsdel }State of KentuckyAt a county court held for Jefferson
county at the court house in the City of Louisville on the 28 day of August
1858 the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and
Testament of Sarah D. Tucker, dec'd late of this county and produced in court
and proved by oaths of Stephen __ Reid and Ahs Vanarsdel the subscribing
witnesses thereto ~ whereas the same was established by the court to be the
last will and Testament of Sarah D. Tucker dec'd and ordered to e recorded and
is recorded in my office as clerk of said court.Att: Th. W. Thurston, clerk

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