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Will of Rudolph Leffel. I Rudolph Leffel of Louisville, Ky being of sound mind and memory do hereby move and declare this my last will and testament revoking all former wills.
(1st) I give and bequeth to my beloved wife Annie my entire estate both real and personal to have and to hold the same for and during her natural life.
(II) I appoint my wife Annie as executrix without bond or security
(III) After the death of my wife, my entire estate both real and personal shall pass and vest in the children of my son Rudolph and I give and bequeth to my said grandchildren my entire estate both real and personal absolutely and in fee simple subject to the following conditions. Viz. My son Rudolph shall have and control the entire income of my entire estate for and during his natural life. Out of the yearly income, he shall pay all taxes and insurance and repairs and incidental expenses in keeping all the property in good repair. The net income after the payment of taxes, insurance and repairs shall be used for his and family support for and during his natural life. And shall be free from the claims and demands of any creditors debts or liabilities which my son may have. And I appoint my son Rudolph as executor and trustee to act as such afteer the death of my wife and as guardian for the infants without bond or security so such executor trustee or guardian.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto signed my name in the presence of (unreadable) witnesses this the 13th day of February 1884. Rudolph Leffel.

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