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Kentuckiana Genealogy: Will & Probate: Michael J. Weisman
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Will of Michael J. Weisman April 11, 1874

In the name of God, Amen.

I, Michael Joseph Weisman in my last will and testament
bequeath unto my beloved wife Rosina Weisman after my death
all my real and personal property belonging to me(after all
just debts are paid) during her natural lifetime or as long
as she remains my widow.

I also begueath to each of my heirs or children the sum
of five dollars to be paid as soon as convenient after they
become 21 years of age. I appoint John Leigast as executor
of this my last will and testament.

In testimony whereof I hereunto subscribe my name and
affix my seal.

Michael Weisman (his seal)

Attest: Samuel Thomas - Floyd County
John Endris - Harrison County, IN

The State of Indiana, Harrison County, Indiana

Be it remembered that in the term of the Circuit Court
begun and held at the Courthouse in the town of Corydon by
and before the Honorable Thomas C. Slaughter, sole judge of
said court on the first Monday being the first day of March
AD 1875 and continued by adjournments from that day until
Tuesday the ninth day of March when the following proceedings
was had, comes from John A Endris and being duly sworn in
open court produced the following annexed instrument of
writing purposing to be the last will of Michael Weisman and
says that said Michael Weisman signed, sealed, published,
and declared the annexed instrument to be his last will and
testament in the presence and of the said John A. Endris and
Samuel Thomas and that they signed their names thereto
inscribing witnesses in the presence and at the request of
said testator and in the presence of each other. That at
the time of executing said will and testament was of lawful
age to divide his property, of sound and disposing memory and
mind and not under restraint or coertion in any way whatsoever
and further sayeth that

John A. Endris

subscribed and sworn to in court this ninth day of March,AD

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