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By Treven Dunning (Treven95822) on Saturday, April 07, 2001 - 08:52 am:

Taken from "Crawford Co. History 1818 - 1926 by H.H. Pleasant"

The 23rd Indiana Volunteers, made up of many, many young men from Crawford Co., were starving near to death having been cut off from their supply route by the Confederate General VanDorn.

A Captain in the regiment, (Babbitt) was so fond of cream in his coffee he had taken his cow along with him.

One dark night, the soldiers decided they would butcher Capt. Babbitt's cow. A committee did the work and divided up the meat, a small piece going to each soldier. The next day, the cow was gone. The Capt. never said a word.

A few days later a Lt. had taken one of the companys out for some trench digging. They had marched back and were just ready to be dismissed when Capt. Babbitt rode up and instructed the Lt. not to dismiss the men until he searched their haversacks to see if they had a pick or shovel stored there.

The Lt. did not understand and said, "Capt. Babbitt, they cannot put a hoe or shovel in their haversacks."

"Oh yes they can! They put a bigger thing than a hoe in there. They put my cow in there."

All the men dropped their heads and wouldn't look their Capt. in the face. After a few seconds, the Capt's face brightened and he said: "Boys, I do not blame you. I know you were hungry. I would get you food if I could. May God bless you men." The men never forgot Capt. Babbitt

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