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At the time of first settlement, and prior to the year 1811, the whites and Indians lived in comparative peace and friendliness as neighbors. But when it became known later
that a war was brewing, the Indians left for the North and soon became the allies of Great Britain. Soon after this they began to invade the white settlements in war parties, in paint and feathers, to pillage, burn and murder.
This led to the formation of militia companies and and companies of mounted rangers, who were regularly sworn into the service of the United States. As early as March, 1811, Zachariah Lindley, afterward so well known in Orange Co., was
made Captain of a militia company in that territory, where he then lived, and James McVey was his first Lieutenant. Numerous companies were formed in Harrison Co., to which Washington was then attached. At that time the entire county
composed of the Fifth Militia Regiment, the officers being; John Tipton, Colonel; John Depauw, Major; and the following Captains: Absalom Sargent, James McKinney, John Bell, Zacheriah Lindley, George French, Charles Busey and John Royse. Among
the Lieutenants were: Joseph Shields, Elijah Veach, William Cunningham, Jacob Zenor, who was afterward Captain and Major, Jesse Durham, John Carter, John Maris, E.C. Hunter and others.

Upon the formation of Washington Co. in 1814, it was given a separate regiment, the Ninth. The order for the formation of this regiment was given January 10, 1814, and John Depauw was commissioned Colonel, and to him a dedimus was issued by the territorial Governor
to swear into the service the officers and men of the regiment. The first Captains of the Ninth regiment were: Deney, Huston, French, Sargent, Beck, Dewalt, Busey, Royse, Jerry Rankin and Samuel Maris. Some of them were soon succeeded by: Clifton Glazebrook, William Kennedy,
Jesse Roberts, Jesse Durham, Noah Wright, John Maxwell and others. Jesse Roberts and William Hoggatt served early as Majors. The above men were about all the militia officers until after the war.

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